Camp Walks

Sandspit is not just full of fun activities, thereís also breath taking scenery to marvel at on the several walks around the area.
One of the closest bush walks is found at the back of the grounds.

Thereís a road that leads up a hill past the resident donkeys and sheep (see ĎAnimalsí below) and an olive grove up to a spectacular 200 year-old Pohutukawa tree. Take the time to walk in under it, around its old gnarled roots and appreciate the years this old native has seen. To make sure it lives to see another 200 years, we do ask that you refrain from climbing the tree.

From here, back track to the mown grassed area and follow the track through untouched New Zealand bush, full of native birds and flora.
At several points you can stop to enjoy the natural views out across Kawau Bay to Kawau Island and out beyond to the Pacific Ocean.

There are several lesser tracks which lead off up to Brick Bay but they are steeper and best for the fit able walker.

Keeping to the main track, youíll find it opens out to a lovely grassed area that gently rolls down to the beach. Thereís a great tree swing here where you could spend time just looking out on this world class vista.

Finally, head back along the beach to return to the camp ground. Along the way, check out the natural rock formations along the beach front which look like pools of stone, and see some of the older permanent batches perched along the waterís edge. If you donít want to get wet, this walk is best when the tide is out.